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8th Graders Adventure to American Stonehenge

On Friday October 14th, the 8th grade class headed to American Stonehenge in Salem, NH. It was a beautiful New England fall day and students spent the day learning and exploring about the over 4,000 year geological site. As they have been studying Geology in Science class, this really connected to their curriculum. They climbed through caves and took an audio tour that explained the Native American connections as well as the uses by the Underground Railroad.

Students finished their day with a picnic lunch outside, and a stop at Heavenly Donuts in Salem, NH where Principal Hilliard treated the 8th grade class to all 115 donuts that were left in the store! It was an amazing day of learning!

More About American Stonehenge: (

America’s Stonehenge is a unique field trip opportunity for students and adults alike. This field trip covers a well-rounded view into archaeology, early explorers, archaeoastronomy, geology, and The Underground Railroad. Students visiting America’s Stonehenge will have the opportunity for firsthand exploration and discovery at this 4,000 year old outdoor history museum of stone structures and astronomical alignments.

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