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Sixth Grade Museum of Science Field Trip

On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving break, the entire sixth grade traveled to the Boston Museum of Science! It was the first field trip of the year for the sixth graders, and for many it was their first trip to the museum. There were a wide variety of exhibits and events that the students participated in. Some students took part in the bob-sled design challenge, and designed, built, and tested toy bob-sleds. They raced their creations down different tracks, and used their knowledge of friction, forces, and motion to create the fastest or slowest bob-sleds!

Students were also able to participate in an archeological dig in the museum's lab! Students helped uncover and identify old pottery, and evidence of early fires. They also had the opportunity to create their own early colored dyes, and stained fabrics which they could bring home to show off to their families.

To top the day off, the entire grade attended the museum's in-house lightening show! The 20 minute show discussed the properties of lightening and charges within the atmosphere, and exhibited the museum's large Van de Graaff generator - the world's largest air-insulated generator! It was not lacking in loud cracks and sparks! It seemed that the show's bright finale was all the kids could talk about on the bus ride home.

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