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Fall Festival: Students Rewarded For Meeting School Expectations

The Fall Festival at Somersworth Middle School is a unique reward for students meeting school expectations.

The Festival was a day-long series of activities providing students the opportunity to develop teamwork and build community morale outside of their normal academic environment.

The Festival was conceived 5 years ago and has grown in popularity under the direction of Jackie Hanlon and her Public Relations Community Development committee. Her committee is also the lead on two other important events: Winter Carnival and Field Day. Principal Dana Hilliard said the three events "are an opportunity for students to develop an understanding and appreciation of each other."

Seventh grade student Renee Remick expressed a similar thought."These events are great and help develop team-building experience. We get to work with students we may not know, and we get to discover their good qualities."

The program was divided into two phases. The morning section consisted of 12 stations, each 15 minutes long. Station activities range from an Escape Room, garlic planting, Maori masks making, Guess Who, Kahoot, and silent ball.

After Marathon Kick Ball and Lunch, the faculty competed against the student volleyball teams which generated enthusiastic cheering from the student body.

When the dismissal bell rang it was obvious from student expressions, that a festive and rewarding experience had been had at this year's SMS Fall Festival.

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