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Somersworth Firefighters Ignite Students' Interests In Fire Safety

Several members of the Somersworth Fire Department recently visited Somersworth Middle School as part of Fire Safety Day.

The firefighters set up three stations to enhance students' knowledge of various aspects of fire safety. One station had students employ a fire extinguisher to actually put out a fire on a grill.

Another station displayed a fire truck with an explanation of all the many pieces of equipment used in combating an actual fire.

Finally, there was an inflated house filled with simulated smoke. The students crawled through the house having been instructed on how to escape from an actual fire.

Throughout the event, firefighters stressed the importance of fire prevention measures such as the need for smoke detectors, fire extinguishers strategically placed throughout dwellings and proper use of extension cords.

In closing ,the firefighters stressed to the students that they should carry their enthusiasm home to spark adult interest and knowledge in proper fire safety practice.

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