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Musket Demo Brings Revolutionary War to Life for SMS Eighth Grade

With the help of eighth grade social studies teacher, Doug O'Hearn, McKenzie Stone - an eighth grade student here at Somersworth Middle School - invited her grandfather to help students learn about the Revolutionary War. McKenzie's grandfather, Mark Richardson, is a U.S. Revolutionary War historian who participates in reenactments, and was invited to show students his Revolutionary War-era musket and clothing.

Mr. Richardson came to SMS and conducted a demonstration on how to fire an authentic musket. In a safely conducted demonstration, this musket that was actually used during the Revolutionary War was fired in the back field behind SMS.

Mr. Richardson, a former member of the Somersworth School Board, is an active member of a group of historians who travel throughout New Hampshire reenacting the role of the militia in critical battles of the Revolutionary War.

Mr. O'Hearn said Mr. Richardson 's visit was a huge success with his students who are currently studying The War. "Mr Richardson's knowledge of the war gave the students an insight that is not available in textbooks," he said.

While many students have seen Muskets fired at New England Patriot games, the close up viewing and at school made for a revolutionary experience.

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